Monday, 29 November 2010


This a practise run of what we hope to include in our film. this is also to help us generate ideas, but also get use to the type of camera shots we would need to pull off the conventions of a documentory.

Monday, 22 November 2010


This is the animatic for our short film we have done a voice over on the animatic to explain what is going to happen on each slide and what we are going to do.
when putting the animatic together in adobe premier pro we haven't kept the transitions of the slide the same they are different in each transition this was a learning curve as it doesn't look as professional if we stuck to one type of transition, however it did give us the chance to experiment.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Auto Draft

ancillary task poster

For our ancillary task we have chosen to do a teaser poster and a film review.

The teaser poster, we have decided to be similar to the Borat poster which is below. We like this poster as it is a simple but affective poster, however the advantage to borat doing this poster is that borat has already got a known name from previous television programmes.

we have change our idea of the poster from the borat idea. weve decided to go with a different idea, we have followed the train spotting idea of a poster where there are several individual posters.

Rango Poster  Sucker Punch Poster  Get Him to the Greek Poster  Public Enemies Poster  Seven Pounds Poster
above are other posters which we looked at, all the posters have similar features as they are all generally a single subject on the poster. this is a feature which we want in our poster.

we have briefly copied the style of the train spotting idea of posters where we have more than one poster.

on all our posters we have quotes from various people we have done this because in many films on their posters or front covers they have comments from well know people or news papers etc.  

Mood Board

We have created a mood board with pictures and words which we felt were relevant to the mockumentary that we are making. we went through several empire magazines and decided which pictures and words were right for the mood of our film. The mood board works off connotation but people interperate things in different ways.In the mood board you can see a picture of a man with glasses we decided to put this picture in our mood board as we thought it represented seeing life through some one elses eyes. we have pictures in our mood baord which represent violence for example the guy with the base ball bat. we have two pictures of the same man one picture with hands grabbing him in a gentle and possibly sexual way, however the other picture contrasts the first picture as it shows violence through thist and even the expressions on the mans face. We also have words such as 'slate' and  'keep cool' we imagined these words to be the type of words that our character would say or think as people judge him on his phobia. In the mood board you will notice lots of pictures of hands and oven gloves which relate to the theme of our film. The hands connotate violence and anger, however the oven gloves connotate safety within our film.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

conventions of a documentary

  • voice overs

  • interview with subject.

  • interview with subjects friends and family

  • presenter

  • clips of subjects life, from a day to day basis

  • presenter getting to know subject

  • non diagetic sounds

  • titles when a new character comes into the film( peoples names, who they are, age, etc)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Main idea

Our main idea is to shoot a short film, which is going to be a mockumentary. A mockumentary includes traits of a documentary such as interviews, voiceovers, etc. Our film will be shot completly serious, but about a rediculous subject. Our subject is about a boy who is scared of hands, and therefore chooses to wear oven gloves to hide is hands. we originally planned that the character would have no hands, but we thought this might be offensive. before chooseing a phobia we searched the internet and came up with lists of phobias on websites and what they are. As a group we decided to go with the phobia of hands which is called chirophobia. one of the webistes we looked at was

our mockumentary will be simon showing the life style he lives and how he lives and copes with life on a day to day basis.
within the mockumentary we would like to include scenes such as:

  • following simon round the house, school and possibly local areas in which he goes to. these will involve  mainly tracking shots.
  • interviews with simon and close friends and relatives. These will mostly be fixed shot reverse shots.
  • Shots of simon coping with tasks around the house

Friday, 9 July 2010

short film and mockumentary research

This is a short film. The central character is called Wayne who seeks revenge after being attacked. It shows his lonely life, and how he is inspired to become batman after his attack to get revenge. The style of the film is like a documentary as you are following  his life, and the change which is happening in his life. There is little dialogue, this is done by a conversation between Wayne and a councillor, which is also used as a voice over as the two speak. The councillor asks questions through out the short film, but Waynes answers are very short and blunt. This shows that Wayne is very much to him self and again alone.

The film uses a lot of close ups on Wayne as he is creating his batman suit at the beginning of film. This shows his concentration and determination to get the costume finished. Also in the shot he is smoking which could suggest anger, and is away to calm himself. Close ups on the machinery in which Wayne is using show the attention to detail. There are also mid shots in this scene. It then goes on to the next scene where there is the councillor and Wayne speaking the shots used in these scenes are shot reverse shot, and over shoulder shots. As the film goes on there are alot of mid range shots showing Wayne living his life, but the lighting is quite dark which reflect Wayne living a dull and boring life.

We also looked into the office which is a very successful mockumentory written and directed by Rick Gervais and Stephen Merchnat. Parts of the programme include characters talking to the camera this creates  communicate and a relationship with the viewers.

louis theroux does documentories on numerous things all around the world. In his documnetories he has all the conventions which we will need to use for our short film. It was also good to watch louie theroux to get an idea for our actor to get an idea on the role he is playing as a presentor.  


This year for my A2 syllabus i am going to be creating a short film with two other people. i hope that this year that i will be able to apply the skills i learnt last year, and to be able to improve on them.