Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Auto Draft

ancillary task poster

For our ancillary task we have chosen to do a teaser poster and a film review.

The teaser poster, we have decided to be similar to the Borat poster which is below. We like this poster as it is a simple but affective poster, however the advantage to borat doing this poster is that borat has already got a known name from previous television programmes.

we have change our idea of the poster from the borat idea. weve decided to go with a different idea, we have followed the train spotting idea of a poster where there are several individual posters.

Rango Poster  Sucker Punch Poster  Get Him to the Greek Poster  Public Enemies Poster  Seven Pounds Poster
above are other posters which we looked at, all the posters have similar features as they are all generally a single subject on the poster. this is a feature which we want in our poster.

we have briefly copied the style of the train spotting idea of posters where we have more than one poster.

on all our posters we have quotes from various people we have done this because in many films on their posters or front covers they have comments from well know people or news papers etc.  

Mood Board

We have created a mood board with pictures and words which we felt were relevant to the mockumentary that we are making. we went through several empire magazines and decided which pictures and words were right for the mood of our film. The mood board works off connotation but people interperate things in different ways.In the mood board you can see a picture of a man with glasses we decided to put this picture in our mood board as we thought it represented seeing life through some one elses eyes. we have pictures in our mood baord which represent violence for example the guy with the base ball bat. we have two pictures of the same man one picture with hands grabbing him in a gentle and possibly sexual way, however the other picture contrasts the first picture as it shows violence through thist and even the expressions on the mans face. We also have words such as 'slate' and  'keep cool' we imagined these words to be the type of words that our character would say or think as people judge him on his phobia. In the mood board you will notice lots of pictures of hands and oven gloves which relate to the theme of our film. The hands connotate violence and anger, however the oven gloves connotate safety within our film.