Wednesday, 29 September 2010

conventions of a documentary

  • voice overs

  • interview with subject.

  • interview with subjects friends and family

  • presenter

  • clips of subjects life, from a day to day basis

  • presenter getting to know subject

  • non diagetic sounds

  • titles when a new character comes into the film( peoples names, who they are, age, etc)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Main idea

Our main idea is to shoot a short film, which is going to be a mockumentary. A mockumentary includes traits of a documentary such as interviews, voiceovers, etc. Our film will be shot completly serious, but about a rediculous subject. Our subject is about a boy who is scared of hands, and therefore chooses to wear oven gloves to hide is hands. we originally planned that the character would have no hands, but we thought this might be offensive. before chooseing a phobia we searched the internet and came up with lists of phobias on websites and what they are. As a group we decided to go with the phobia of hands which is called chirophobia. one of the webistes we looked at was

our mockumentary will be simon showing the life style he lives and how he lives and copes with life on a day to day basis.
within the mockumentary we would like to include scenes such as:

  • following simon round the house, school and possibly local areas in which he goes to. these will involve  mainly tracking shots.
  • interviews with simon and close friends and relatives. These will mostly be fixed shot reverse shots.
  • Shots of simon coping with tasks around the house