Wednesday, 16 February 2011


as a group we came decided to call our selves "hands on production"

This is our production logo that we have decided to create. we have chosen the name "hands on production" because it is very ironic to the film we are producing and it also has a sence of humour to it. The picture of the hand fits the scene and the atmosphere. we have used simple colours black and white as it is bold and stands out, however in the actual film the colours are inverted on the logo, so the black becomes white and the black become white. creating the logo we used adobe photoshop, howver in the film we use adobeo after effects to make the writing slide down the fingers.

Friday, 11 February 2011


For the second part of our ancilary task we have decided to do a review. we have looked in to the empire magazine and looked into various layouts of how a reveiw can be layed out.
Here are several different reviews from the empirer magazine. some are very similar in the way they are layed out. we have decided to follow the layout of the review below.

Here is out line lay out of how the review is set up and how we are going to layout our review